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An Open Letter to Anurag Kashyap and his 12.12.12 project. #kractivism

121212 LATEST UPDATE CLICK HERE IMPACT OF POSTING THIS LETTER HERE, MESSAGE FROM THE FILMMAKER– ‘KRACKTIVISM” ( Within 3 hours after putting this post- picture abhi baak hai dost :-P) “Shilpa has been refunded the expenses she incurred on making… Continue Reading →

#India-Illegal ads on #Google in contravention PCPNDT ACT

To Corporate communication Google, India 2 November 2012 Complaint—Regarding illegal ads on Google in contravention PCPNDT ACT The Pre-Conception Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act has banned the promotion or advertisement of services that allows one to choose the sex of… Continue Reading →

Has compromised its values for ad revenue? #Benrattray #Mustshare

by Danish Raza Oct 31, 2012, FIRSTPOST has changed. And chances are that you might have missed it. The social action platform, which is credited with hosting many online campaigns to bring about change, is facing criticism for replacing its ‘values… Continue Reading →

German producer of thalidomide issues apology, 50 years on #disability

  Born without arms and legs, Lynette Rowe (centre) leaves court in Sydney after winning her case over thalidomide (AFP/Gordon Legal/File) AFP, LONDON, September 2, 2012 The German firm that made thalidomide has issued its first apology in over 50 years to… Continue Reading →

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