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Delhi – Women are sterilised 13 times more than men #Vaw #WTFnews

 in Delhi: RTI reply

Sidhartha Dutta, Hindustan Times  New Delhi, August 11, 2014

Sterilisation of women in Delhi was close to thirteen times more than men in 2013-14, the reply to an RTI application has found.

According to the RTI reply, only 1,401 men were sterilised in Delhi as against 17,773 women last year (2013-14). This figure is much less compared to the year 2012-13 figure, which had found that 25,228 tubectomies and 1,892 vasectomies had taken place in the Capital.

Experts say despite government’s concerns about gender equality, the burden of birth control continues to rest with women.

“Several government sterilisation camps across the country, including those in Delhi, violate Supreme Court guidelines of operative checks and post-operative checks to determine if the person undergoing sterilization has a disease. Most of these camps promote tubectomy, while vasectomy takes a backseat. Tubectomy is often done without informed consent, when women go to hospitals for a delivery or an abortion,” said Sanjay Sharma, director, Health Rights Initiative, Human Rights Law Network.

Tubectomy numbers, hence, are always higher. “Men are reluctant to opt for vasectomy as they lose their sexual vigour or potency. They think the surgery will lead to sexual problems, which is not true,” said Dr Neerja Bhatla, professor, department of obstetrics & gynaecology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

“Vasectomy is a much safer option for permanent sterilisation. Tubectomy is done laparoscopically under general anaesthesia,” she added.

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Girl gangraped near Nizamuddin station in Delhi #Vaw

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 2:53 PM


Mohit Malhotra for ENI

New Delhi: A girl was allegedly gangraped near Nizamuddin Raillway station in New Delhi on Wednesday.

The victim was later found in an unconscious condition at a prepaid auto booth near Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway station.

The girl alleged that she was gangraped by her two friends and two others. She said that her friends had asked her to meet at the prepaid booth.

A senior police official said that a medical examination has been conducted and it has confirmed the offence.

On Tuesday, similar case of gangrape was reported in the national capital where a class X student was allegedly gangarped at gun point by five men out of that three were arrested by the Delhi police. The incident took place a week ago in the Uttam Nagar area of the capital.

According to reports, the victim was on her way to school when these men took her at a house and committed the offence. It is said that five out of four accused were neighbours of the victim.

The victim told the police officials that one of the accused was reportedly giving his identity as constable with Delhi police to which the police has conformed saying that he was employed to paramilitary force.

A senior police official told that two of the accused were minor out of which one was arrested while another is absconding.

A police official said that a massive hunt is on to nab the other two culprits.

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Delhi, London – GLOBAL RESISTANCE against Vedanta Resources



31st July 2014 (Thurs) @ 2.30PM-4PM,
Venue: Ministry of Environment and Forests, Indira Paryavaran Bhavan, Jor Bagh Road, New Delhi 
(Nearest Metro Station : Jorbagh on yellow line)

ATTN LONDON = 1ST August, 

Join the protest from 2pm onwards outside the Lincoln Centre

18 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3ED Nearest tube: Holborn.



Contacts Devangana 8130414606, Aapurv 9910550736, Nikita 9582076891

This protest on 31st July in Delhi will coincide with demonstrations in Niyamgiri, Tuticorin, Goa, Lusaka & Andola (Zambia), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago) to mark THE GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION AGAINST VEDANTA in lead up to the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in London on 1st August. These protests are organised under the banner of FOIL VEDANTA ( whose pioneering work is spearheading international action against Vedanta. Details of the London protest can be found here

STAND IN OPPOSITION TO THE CORRUPT GLOBAL CORPORATE STATE NEXUS THAT DEFENDS VEDANTA AND OTHER RUTHLESS COMPANIES LIKE IT! Vedanta has been aggressively acquiring new businesses with support from Indian and UK politicians to help cover its losses in Niyamgiri – including HZL in India and formerly Scottish company Cairn with oil operations in Rajasthan and the Gulf of Mannar, Sri Lanka.

STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH ZAMBIAN WORKERS AND COMMUNITIES AND OPPOSE INDIAN NEO-COLONIALISM IN AFRIKA! Vedanta has been ripping off Zambians by reporting losses from the KCM copper mine it bought from the government at a throw-away price, while it’s actually been making profits to the tune of US$500 million to US$1 billion and selling copper at below market rates to its own hidden subsidiary in Dubai. It has also failed to pay a fine for offloading toxic waste into local waterways resulting in 7 years of birth defects in local communities.

OPPOSE RUTHLESS ANTI-WORKER BEHAVIOUR! Vedanta treats its workers like shit! A chimney in its BALCO plant in Korba killed at least 40 workers when it collapsed due to negligence and cost-cutting. 750 striking miners in Zambia have been thrown out of the KCM factory. Workers in .

STAND IN DEFENCE OF THE ONLY PLANET WE HAVE AND THE LIFE IT SUSTAINS! Vedanta has no respect for the environment. It pays companies to produce fake EIAs, dumps all kinds of toxic waste into pristine waterways, flouts environmental regulations and refuses to pay fines for the damages it causes.

DEMAND VEDANTA TO KEEP ITS HANDS OFF NIYAMGIRI NOW! Vedanta still has Niyamgiri in its sights and militarisation is rampant with harassment of the Dongria Khond and those supporting them. Vedanta plans to expand its Lanjigarh refinery 6 fold and has claimed that it will be sourcing aluminum from just 3.5km away.

OPPOSE THE ILLEGAL PRO-CORPORATE ANTI-PEOPLE VEDANTA-STATE NEXUS! Vedanta has been a major funder of the BJP in its election campaign and the lawyer who defended Vedanta in the Supreme Court has been made the Attorney General by the Modi regime. Before this Vedanta was funding Congress. Foreign funding of political parties is illegal. This has to be seen in light of the new regimes push to weaken the forest rights act and make land acquisition easier.

OPPOSE MODI’S POLICIES! DEVELOPMENT FOR WHOM? WHOSE GROWTH? This protest will take place outside MoEF due to the ministry’s recent statements about removing ‘obstructions’ to foreign investment and diluting the Forest Rights Act. The FRA was a crucial factor in the victory of the Dongria Kond. Similarly, MoRD have made statements about changing ‘consent’ clauses in the Land Acquisition Act and the Finance Ministry seeks to disinvest its minority shares in BALCO and Hindustan Zinc.

DEMAND DE-LISTING OF VEDANTA FROM THE LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE! Vedanta has benefited from support from crony UK politicians who facilitated its acquisition of formerly Scottish company Cairn India to cover its losses in Niyamgiri. Vedanta is listed on the London Stock Exchange but its rampant malpractices mean that it does not deserve to be there. De-listing it will damage Vedanta’s credit rating, making it harder to pull cash in to fuel its ruthless destruction.

For more details on Vedanta and this transnational state corporate nexus, kindly refer to the attachment below and Foil Vedanta’s website




Vedanta Resources Plc is best known for its illegal mining activities in Niyamgiri, Orissa and the
struggle of the Dongria Khond to protect their forest against this proposed mining. Last year saw
the victory of the Dongria Khond as the Supreme Court judged against Vedanta’s illegal mining
operations. Vedanta subsidiary in Goa, Sesa Sterlite’s operations were also stopped by the Supreme
Court after it emerged that they had exported 150 million tonnes of iron-ore in 2010-11, while
declaring only 7.6 million, their agreed export allowance. Vedanta also lost its prestigious status as
an FTSE Top 100 London Stock Exchange listed company, as its ranking was downgraded. This has
put Vedanta in a tight spot as it has been struggling to repay the loans it took for the same. Vedanta
has thus, been busy finding desperate ways of covering its losses. As expected, it has been doing
this by crooked means and by pulling strings in the corridors of power. This has included its
acquisition of Scottish corporation Cairn’s oil operations in Rajasthan and the Gulf of Mannar
in Sri Lanka and its buyout of Hindusthan Zinc Limited – both well below their real value. Cairn
India has also recently lent 1.25 billion$ to British parent company Vedanta for refinancing its own
debt, which is a clear violation of existing corporate governance regulations.
Zambian workers and communities resist!
A major breakthrough arose this year when a leaked video of Anil Agarwal confirmed from the
horse’s mouth what FOIL VEDANTA’S work in Zambia had already revealed. Vedanta was
illegally making millions from its Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) in Zambia, which it bought
from the Zambian government – again, well below its value. It has been reporting losses yet making
profits of the tune of US$500 million to $1billion and has been selling the copper below market
rates to its own subsidiary in Dubai, run by Anil Aggarwal’s son. The news of this tax evasion and
transfer mispricing has been hotly debated in the Zambian parliament and there is a vibrant
movement on the ground including workers and communities suffering for years from Vedanta’s
toxic waste.
Environment is not an ‘obstruction’
Vedanta is notorious for continuously flouting environmental and pollution control state
mechanisms, even when they are barely there. Vedanta’s proposed mining in the Niyamgiri
mountains would have been a complete ecological genocide if the resistance of the Dongria Kond
against it had not been so relentlessly strong. The existing refinery in Lanjigarh has polluted water
sources and destroyed surrounding agricultural lands. KCM’s major pollution spill into River Kafue
in 2006 poisoned thousands of people, causing on-going birth deformities. The company refused to
pay the $2million fine that was imposed on them. Similar stories abound in all Vedanta operations –
be it the massively polluting lethal leaks in the copper smelter in Tuticorin or the dubious and nontransparent
off-shore drilling activities in the highly militarised Gulf of Mannar in Sri Lanka.
The struggle is on!
Workers operate under the abysmal, exploitative and precarious conditions of employment in
Vedanta factories and operations. More than 2000 contractual workers in Vedanta BALCO’s
aluminimum manufacturing company in Korba district, Chattisgarh protested earlier this year
demanding better working conditions. It is in the same factory where a chimney had collapsed in
2009 and there were over a hundred unaccountable deaths. In Zambia, continues the struggle of 750
ex-KCM miners who have been thrown out of their jobs by Vedanta. In Vedanta’s lethal gas
smelters in Tuticorin, there has been the death of 3 workers and several injured due to lethal gas
Dongoro Choribo Nai!
Meanwhile, the situation in Niyamgiri is troubling with increased militarisation and harrassment
of the Dongria Kond. Vedanta still has its sights set on acquiring the bauxite in Niyamgiri and has
planned a 6 fold expansion of its refinery in Lanjigarh. The notice for the public meeting they will
hold on 30th July’14 claims that bauxite will be sourced 3.5 km from the refinery – intimating that
they have not given up on mining the Niyamgiri Hills. Under the new regime it is quite easy to
imagine the hard-won success in Niyamgiri being reversed as there are hundreds of billions of
dollars sitting in those hills.
Vedanta-BJP-Congress Bhai Bhai!
It is well known that Vedanta has been a major funder of the BJP government (and the Congress
before it) and thus the planned revisions of the Forest Rights Act (a major contributor to the
Dongria Khond’s success in Niyamgiri) and the Land Acquisition Act by the new Government is not
surprising. The Ministry of Environment and Forests under the new regime is keen to aggressively
accelerate trends which were already existent during Congress rule. The state has been immensely
pro-active in employing its machineries of repression through the police and the military in
responding to resistance against Vedanta.
De-list Vedanta from London Stock Exchange!
Evidence of Vedanta’s corruption has been made available and was presented by Foil Vedanta in the
UK Parliament (House of Commons) on 21st July’14. The UK’s government’s role in assisting
and protecting this contentious mining company has been crucial including the role of the
Department for International Development (DfID)’s CDC (formerly the Commonwealth
Development Corporation) in supporting Vedanta’s Zambian mine, and former British High
Commissioner to India Sir David Gore Booth’s assistance, as a co-opted board member in
launching the company on the London Stock Exchange in 2003.

David Cameron personally exerted
pressure on the Indian government to sell lucrative oil company Cairn India to Vedanta in 2011. The
London Stock Exchange’s faulty listing and accountability has allowed companies lie Vedanta to
flourish by making London a tax haven and engaging in practices of tax evasion and insider-trading,
and blatantly violating human rights and environmental regulations across the world.
The elaboration above of Vedanta’s illegal and exploitative operations, is however,
barely an exception. Vedanta, is but a case study of what are established norms for
multinational corporations in the capitalist order of our times.

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Delhi – Class X student Gang raped at gun point #Vaw #WTFnews

Another minor gang-raped in Delhi:

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 – 11:04am IST | Agency: Zee News Bureau
  • RNA Research & Archives

In a shocking incident, a class 10th student was gang-raped by five people in Delhi’s Uttam Nagar area, as per news reports on Tuesday.

The incident reportedly took place a week ago when the accused took the victim, who was on her way to school, to a house and gang-raped her at gun point. They also recorded MMS clip of the entire incident. Two of the five accused are reportedly minor and one is known to the victim. While the police has arrested three accused, hunt is on to nab the absconding two.


The capital city is already already facing sever flak for its poor record of crimes against women and children. The news also comes at a time when the country still grappling with the recent rape of three year old in Bangalore, highlighting extreme concerns of sexual crimes against minors in the country.

A report by National Crime Records Bureau suggests that altogether 1,29,448 cases of crime against children and 88,836 cases of rape have been registered across the country in the last three years with the highest being in 2013. “As per data available, the total number of cases registered on account of crime against children for the year 2011, 2012 and 2013 are 33,052 cases, 38,172 cases and 58,224 cases respectively,” Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju said in a written reply in Rajya Sabha. The Minister said a total of 88,836 cases of rape were reported across the country in last three years. “As per data regarding the reporting of the offence of rape, as provided by the National Crime Records Bureau, a total of 24,206 cases, 24,923 cases and 33,707 cases were registered in the country during 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively,” he said

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#Hatecrime – Manipuri man allegedly beaten to death in south Delhi

NEW DELHI: A 30-year-old man from Manipur was allegedly thrashed to death during a brawl with a group of locals in Kotla area of south Delhi on early Monday.As per initial information, the deceased, Shaloni, worked in a BPO and was returning home from work when he had a fight with four-five car-borne men around 2.30am over some issue.

Police have learnt that the men had come to the Big Apple shop on Gurudwara road in the area in a white colour car. Shaloni was assaulted by them following the argument.

Police rushed to the spot after receiving call from a passerby and took Shaloni to AIIMS Trauma center in a PCR van. He was declared dead on arrival.

The cops have preserved Shaloni’s body for postmortem which will be conducted later in the day after his family members arrive. A medical board is likely to be constituted for the autopsy.

Police is probing all angles in the case as there seems no sudden provocation in the assault. Call details are being analyzed. A case of murder under section 302 of IPC has been registered and the cops have formed a special team comprising additional DCP (south) P S Kushwah, STF chief Rajender Singh, the special staff in-charge Akhilesh Yadav led by DCP south to crack the case.


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NCRB data backs Delhi as ‘rape capital’ claim


A file picture shows a human chain at India Gate, New Delhi to prevent violence against women. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar.
The HinduA file picture shows a human chain at India Gate, New Delhi to prevent violence against women. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar.

Crimes against women rise sharply, most of all in Delhi

For the first time, official crime statistics establish Delhi as the “rape capital” of India. Even as the city has been informally referred to as such, data from the National Crime Records Bureau shows that this is the first time that the numbers back Delhi’s dubious reputation.

With 18.63 reported rapes for every 1 lakh women, Delhi for the first time tops the country in reported rapes as a proportion of its population. In 2012, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Sikkim and Tripura all had higher numbers of reported rapes relative to their populations. Delhi experienced the biggest jump in the number of reported rapes among all states, with the number more than doubling to reach 1636. In absolute terms, Madhya Pradesh still leads the country in reported rapes, as it has historically.


Among cities, while Delhi city has the highest number of reported rapes, Gwalior and Jabalpur (both in Madhya Pradesh) had a higher number of rapes as a proportion of their populations.

A 27% increase in crimes against women propelled overall crime in India to its highest level in three years, data from the National Crime Records Bureau for 2013 shows. The murder rate fell slightly, the rates of theft and robbery rose by 10% and 17% respectively, but the number of reported rapes, molestation and harassment of women rose the fastest among cognisable crimes.

There were 33,707 rapes reported in 2013, or one rape reported every 15 minutes. In over 94% of reported rapes, both nationally and for Delhi, the alleged perpetrator was known to the victim, the NCRB data shows. There was a 45% increase in the number of reported rapes of children.

Cruelty by the husband or in-laws of a woman still makes up the largest component (38%) of crimes against women, followed by molestation, kidnap and rape. Among crimes against women, the biggest increases over 2012 were in molestation cases (70,739 cases, or 56% increase) and in harassment (12,589 cases, or 37% increase).

“Following the December 16 gangrape, there has been near continuous media and civil society focus on crimes against women. I think this would have enabled many more women to report crimes than before,” Kalpana Viswanath, researcher and women’s rights activist with Jagori, told The Hindu. Delhi police officials did not return repeated calls seeking comment.

While the number of persons arrested for rape also rose substantially ((35% increase compared to 7.8% for the previous period), the conviction rate for rape cases rose only slightly from 23% to 27%. Juveniles were increasingly the alleged perpetrators of crimes against women; the number of juveniles charges with rape rose by 60% over 2012, and the number accused of molestation more than doubled.

While Kerala remains the state with the highest crime rate, likely on account of better reporting and police recording, Delhi is now the second-most crime prone state, ahead of Madhya Pradesh which was at second place in 2012.

The representation of Muslims on the police force actually worsened, falling to just over 6% as of 2013, the data shows. Delhi leads the country in the largest number of complaints against its police force.

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Two Women from Tanzania gang-raped in Delhi #Vaw




New Delhi, June 28, 2014, DHNS:

Two women from Tanzania were allegedly gang-raped after being drugged in south Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar late on Friday. Police have arrested a 26-year-old disc jockey and his friend.

The victims were in the capital on student visa. Police said the accused have been identified as Kunal who lives in north Delhi’s Shastri Nagar, and Satish Singh, 27, a resident of south Delhi’s RK Puram. Satish works as an event manager with a private company.

“While the women alleged that they were raped, the accused in their counter allegation claimed that the victims filed the complaint following a dispute over money,” said a police officer.



Around 4.30 pm on Friday, a call was received at the police control room regarding a quarrel between two groups in Sarojini Nagar.

On the spot, the Tanzanian women alleged that they were raped by two men at their friend’s flat. The women were taken to Sarojini Nagar police station where their statement was registered. Accordingly, a case of rape was registered and the two accused were held.

In their complaint to police, the women claimed that they met the accused at a discotheque of a hotel in south-east Delhi’s Nehru Place. Kunal and Satish allegedly befriended the women and convinced them to accompany them to their friend’s flat in Sarojini Nagar.

“It is alleged that the accused purchased a bottle of liquor and shared it with the two women in their car. The women were then taken to the flat where they were raped,” the officer added.

Later, an argument broke out between them over money and the victims called police.

Despite claiming to be innocent, Kunal and Satish were arrested and produced before a local court. They were sent to Tihar Jail on Saturday on 14 days’ judicial custody.

Read mor ehere –




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17-yr-old drugged at mall, raped by 3 in west Delhi #Vaw #WTFnews


HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times  New Delhi, June 24, 2014

First Published: 23:30 IST(24/6/2014) | La

A minor girl was allegedly raped by three men in a Dwarka flat in the presence of her female friend, police said on Tuesday. The 17-year-old complained that the men had drugged her in a west Delhi shopping mall before taking her to the flat.

She also accused her friend’s boyfriend, whom the three men had accompanied, of molesting her when she was under the influence of the sedatives.

The girl studies in Class 10 and is a resident of Uttam Nagar.

The Rajouri Garden police arrested all the four accused. The accused are Sahil, Babar, Vikky alias Mota and Aakash, her friend’s boyfriend.

In her complaint to the police, the girl said she had gone to a mall in Rajouri Garden with her friend who studies in her class. “They were at the mall when Aakash arrived and was introduced to the victim by her classmate. While they were talking with each other, Aakash’s three friends joined them. During their discussion, Sahil offered the two girls cold drink mixed with sedatives,” said the police officer.

After consuming the cold drink, the officer said, the girls started feeling drowsy and asked the men if they had mixed something in the drink. When the men told them they had spiked the drinks with alcohol, both girls got upset.

They victim left the mall and went to sit in a nearby park. Aakash followed them and molested her. When she protested and tried to raise an alarm, he apologised and left. Later, the other three men came to the park and convinced her that they would drop her home in an auto.

“Instead of dropping her home, the men took her to a Dwarka flat, where they were joined by Aakash and the victim’s friend. The victim has alleged that Sahil, Babar and Vicky took turns to rape her while she was under the influence of sedatives. They dropped her near a park in Dwarka on Monday morning,” the officer said, adding that the girl called her friend who dropped her home.

On reaching home, the victim narrated the incident to her family members who took her to the police station. The police called her classmate who confirmed that the girl had been gang raped. She, however, claimed that the accused did not touch her.


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Delhi: Rape capital of India shamed again, two women gang-raped #Vaw   |  Jun 21, 2014, 20:04PM IST
New Delhi: Delhi is yet again in the limelight for the all the wrong reason.
In a shocking incident, a foreign woman was allegedly gang raped and robbed in the city. The women claim to be a resident of Uganda and have complaint about the incident in Dwarka.According to the women statement, the accused robbed her three thousand rupees and mobile. Despite the charges of raping, the woman refused to have his medical examination done. The police have registered a case and started investigation.

In yet another incident a rape case came from one of the high security areas of  Chanakyapuri. The victim alleged that the young man named Panchal and Monil promising to give her a job took her to Chanakyapuri’s famous hotel parking lot where they added cocaine in her cold drink and then took turns to rape her in his SUV car.

The 22 year old women lodged the complaint in Chanakyapuri police station. The victim was a resident of Ghaziabab and stated in her complaint that the accused bought her to Delhi on June 3 and gang raped her again and again near ISBT.

Chanakyapuri police station has imposed IPC Section 376 D (Gang rape) and 328 (Causing hurt by means of poison) and have arrested the accused.

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Delhi woman gang-raped in moving car #Vaw #WTFnews


HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times  New Delhi, June 12, 2014

A 25-year-old woman has alleged she was sexually assaulted by three men in a moving car in south Delhi’s Vasant Kunj, police said on Thursday.

 All the three accused – Jitender, Jai Bhagwan and Ajay – have been arrested. They are residents of Nangal Devat in south Delhi.

A case of gang-rape under section 376(G) of the Indian Penal Code has been registered at Vasant Kunj (south) police station.

“They took turns to rape her in the moving vehicle and later dumped her near her house in Vasant Kunj,” said a police officer.

One of the accused is known to the woman, added the officer.

In her complaint lodged on Wednesday evening, the woman alleged that she was out shopping in a nearby market in Vasant Kunj when the three accused pulled her inside their car from an isolated place.

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She alleged that the accused threatened her with dire consequences if she raised an alarm.

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