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Sri Lanka – Restricting sterilization: To what purpose? #Vaw #rightoabortion #reproductiverights

  March 15, 2013,http://www.island.lk/ I was appalled to read a recent newspaper article that reported a government ban on irreversible methods of contraception. Later I learned that the ban prohibits non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from the provision of sterilization services. According… Continue Reading →

#Rape- Castration is not the right legal response #Vaw #Torture

ANUP SURENDRANATH, The indu The view that it will deter rape is misplaced and based on a narrow, sexual intercourse-definition of the crime There is a fascinating urban legend that Apple’s logo is dedicated to Alan Turing, who committed suicide… Continue Reading →

WHO- contradictions- Gag order on Reproductive Health and Guidance for hormonal contraceptive

Invitees who attended back-to-back World Health Organization (WHO) consultations at the start of February were required to sign confidentiality agreements prohibiting them from talking about the meetings. They had to promise not to divulge anything that was said during the… Continue Reading →

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