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Radiating Lies- A Report on Jadugoda

  Although the company claims radiation stories as ” myths “, Headlines Today documents the evidence where the entire environment, community and the future generation has been put to risk by the sheer negligence of the company. Related articles Bollywood… Continue Reading →

#Karnataka -MoEF closes Gogi mines file

By Ramkrishna Badseshi & Bhimashankar Kakalwara | ENS – GULBARGA 15th February 2013 The Ministry of Environment & Forests has closed the project file relating to uranium mining plant at Gogi village in Shahpur taluk and has delisted it from the… Continue Reading →

Selling Nulcear Power to Women: Why the Industry has got it Wrong

  Donella H. Meadows, http://www.dianuke.org/ Donella H. Meadows is an adjunct professor of environmental studies at Dartmouth College. Courtesy: Susiatnability Institute The U.S. Council for Energy Awareness has finally figured out how to sell nuclear power to women. Women have always… Continue Reading →

Independence Day, Gram Sabha Meeting, Goons & Chemplast Sanmar #blackday15august

  Piyush Manush, in Salem , 15/8/2012 Chemplast Sanmar has dumped huge quantities of Chemicals & Heavy Metals which is constantly polluting our drinking water source the Kaveri and has killed 500 odd wells by turning the water toxic. It… Continue Reading →

NAPM- No land should be forcibly acquired for Private and PPP Projects

    NAPM welcomes the decision to cancel 4 SEZs     No land should be forcibly acquired for Private and PPP Projects     Mumbai, August 1: The decision of the Maharashtra Government to cancel 4 SEZ projects which were… Continue Reading →

India uproots most people for ‘progress’ =1 million displaced every year

Anahita Mukherji, TNN | Jun 4, 2012 Between 60 and 65 million people are estimated to have been displaced in India since Independence, the highest number of people uprooted for development projects in the world. “This amounts to around one million displaced… Continue Reading →

The Asbestos Shame in India #enviornment

By Rohit roy,  kindlemag.in A slow and painful death is creeping through the nation. Asbestos – the essential roofing of the poor – is a silent and deadly killer. It causes lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis through a slow filling… Continue Reading →

Who will bell the Cat ? #Tribalrights

MARI MARCEL THEKAEKARA, April 14, 2012, The Hindu What does one do when a tiger‘s life is apparently more precious than an Adivasi‘s? On March 30, Kokila, an Adivasi woman, was collecting firewood with a few friends near Kozhikolly village… Continue Reading →

Living in a nuclear hell

By Charles Stratford , Aljazeera The town of Muslymovo has to be one of the saddest places on earth. The thousands of people who have little choice but to live here, on the banks of the Techa river not far… Continue Reading →

Immediate Release–Green Tribunal suspends environment clearance for POSCO

POSCO Judgment of National Green Tribunal – Briefing Note On March 30, 2012, the National Green Tribunal held in Prafulla Samantra and Anr. vs Union of India and Ors. that the 31.1.2011 final order of the Environment Ministry – permitting the POSCO… Continue Reading →

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