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UK denies right-to-die legal challenge

      MARIA CHENG | August 16, 2012 06:30 PM EST |      LONDON — Britain‘s High Court on Thursday rejected an attempt by a man who has locked-in syndrome to overturn the country’s euthanasia law by refusing to legally allow… Continue Reading →

Aruna Shanbaug 39 years in semi-comatose condition #Euthanasia

WHAT SHE WAS Another birthday in a locked room. Another birthday — the 39th — to not feel any sun on her body. Another birthday to be fed mush through a nose-tube and pass it out on the bed. Another… Continue Reading →

APPEAL- Andhra widow seeks euthanasia for paralysed son

Uma Sudhir Hyderabad : Poverty, desperation and lack of response by the government have forced a widow from Andhra Pradesh to seek euthanasia for her mentally disabled son. K Lakshmamma, the mother of an engineering student who was paralysed and… Continue Reading →

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