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Expose – Modi’s Fakeness Quotient Increases by 3 – 27185 fake twitter followers

Those who follow exclusively Narendra Modi Pratik Sinha February 21, 2014 Back in the first week of December 2013, we exposed 10000 “made-to-order” fake twitter followers of Narendra Modi who follow ONLY Narendra Modi. These fake followers have never sent out a tweet, have… Continue Reading →

Narendra Modi’s- Fake Statistics Backfire #Feku #Namo

Glaring errors in Modi‘s big claims will backfire   Mr Modi either chose to exaggerate in order to strengthen the story he was telling, or he was poorly briefed about a pretty basic number, one most of those who follow… Continue Reading →

Pakistan pharmaceutical industry and Fake Medicines Crises

By Shoaib Habib Memon Pakistan has a growing pharmaceutical industry. As of 2012, the total export value of Pakistani-manufactured medicines around the world stood at $400 million.Many different companies sell a diverse range of drugs and pharmaceutical products, the biggest… Continue Reading →

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