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Vedanta’s PR campaign backfires as Bollywood celebs pull out

A bid by British mining giant Vedanta Resources to repair its tarnished international reputation has backfired after two major Bollywood celebrities withdrew from a film competition supposed to show the ‘happiness’ the company creates. Renowned filmmaker Shyam Benegal and Bollywood… Continue Reading →

Feminism’s unfinished business

Ritu Menon | March 3, 2012, TOI, Crest Edition On any given day the Yahoo group Feminists India carries dozens of postings on dozens of issues, from protesting Vedanta‘s “support” of balwadis and anganwadis, to campaigning for tribal activist Soni… Continue Reading →

Happiness Quotient Vedanta’s corporate campaign sparks off a controversy

Buisnessworld , 03 Mar 2012, Prasad Sangameshwaran The hunter becomes the hunted. Adman Piyush Pandey, known for his anti-smoking campaign and a film on the Bhopal gas tragedy, finds himself at the receiving end of a controversy. At the epicentre… Continue Reading →

Faking Happiness- Spoof Ad Competition

In today’s times when much of media is sold out to corporates, the only voices that show the truth of malpractices of various mining giants are a few activists and documentary filmmakers. Vedanta‘s strategy to organize a film competition on… Continue Reading →

FTII’s only entry withdraws from Vedanta’s Creating happiness

 Kracktivism works, After my first open letter  Shyam Benegal withdrew  from the jury of the Creating Happiness film competition  on Feb 23 , and Gul Panag whow as also on Jury  had pulled out on Feb 12th, leaving just Mr Piyush Pandey on… Continue Reading →

Open letter to Participants of Vedanta’s Creating Happiness

Dear  Film-makers I request you to have a look at my two open letters to Shyam benegal and Piyush Pandey on the creating happiness competition available here https://kractivist.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/open-letter-to-piyush-pandey-on-vedantas-creating-happiness/ https://kractivist.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/open-letter-to-shyam-benegal-on-vedantas-creating-happiness/ After  Reading  my open letter , Mr  Shyam  Benegal, who was… Continue Reading →

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