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Human Rights

This Is Not The Rajapaksa Regime Anymore, This Is The Gotabaya Regime

  July 9, 2014 | Colombo Telegraph,Opinion |   By Nimalka Fernando –   Dr. Nimalka Fernando The MOD & The NGO Surveillance Secretariat, Keep Your Letter In Your Archives As A Document To Remind You Of Your Collective Shame! The Rajapakse regime has… Continue Reading →

A Treaty to End Corporate Abuses ? #humanrights

  JULY 1, 2014   Governments at the UN’s Human Rights Council stunned companies last week when they voted to start negotiations on a treaty to address corporate responsibility for human rights abuses. If done right, this could lead to… Continue Reading →

How I learned that Torture is a Bad Thing: Notes of a Lawyer

  By Sarim Naved, It was during my first year in practice that I first met a victim of torture. The concept of ‘torture’, before that day, existed for me only as a concept. In the scheme of things, it was… Continue Reading →

400 million workers in India have little security, few entitlements #WTFnews

A new report finds that the great majority of labour in India works in one form or the other of informal employment, allowing those who pay them to dodge labour laws. India Exclusion Report ·    In India, as elsewhere, the… Continue Reading →

What about your promise, Mr Jindal ?

By Ram Parmar, Mumbai Mirror | Jun 22, 2014, 01.03 AM IST    After NOC from Fisheries Dept, Nandgaon villagers fear Rs 10,000 cr port project will go ahead despite written assurance from Sajjan Jindal.What happened to your promise, Mr Jindal?’ That’s the… Continue Reading →

Our Main Problem Is Civil Obedience – Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace

Posted: 06/13/2014 3:14 pm EDT Updated: 06/13/2014 3:59 pm EDT   “There is no challenge greater in the history of humanity than the struggle to avert catastrophic climate change,” warned Kumi Naidoo, the charismatic head of Greenpeace whilst speaking at London’s SOAS University on Tuesday…. Continue Reading →

Against developmental fundamentalism

Ramaswamy R. Iyer In the ‘development versus environment’ debate, the demand is always for a compromise on environmental concerns, never for a moderation of developmental activities to rejuvenate:Reports that the government proposes to restore the Ganga to a pristine condition… Continue Reading →

An Architect of Conscience – Mukul Sinha

Mukul Sinha (1951-2014) Vol – XLIX No. 22, May 31, 2014 | Manisha Sethi Mukul Sinha’s death remained largely beyond the limelight amid the din over Narendra Modi’s anointment as the next Prime Minister. His steadfastly resolve and meticulous eye for detail,… Continue Reading →

Fight continues for Dalit activist – Sudhir Dhawale

By Abhijit Sathe | May 31, 2014, 02.30 AM IST Pune Mirror Sudhir Dhawale Released from jail recently, Sudhir Dhawale is openly critical of reckless govt branding of activists as naxalites. Sudhir Dhawale — the Dalit activist who recently walked free after three… Continue Reading →

Nandita Das’s greatest fear is attack on #FOE

Silence Is Deafening, Are My Fears Unfounded? My greatest immediate fear is the attack on freedom of expression. Nandita Das, Actress/filmmaker Magazine | 26 May 2014 Nandita Das The election of a new government in India is the result of a democratic exercise… Continue Reading →

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