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Israel Massacres Palestinians In Military Action Reminiscent Of Nazi Germany #GazaUnderAttack

By SEEMA MUSTAFA Mon July 21, 2014 NEW DELHI: Israel’s massacres in Gaza, with the latest in Shejaiya leading to the murder of at least 40 Palestinians with 400 critically wounded, has led sections of the world to compare the military… Continue Reading →

Statement on casteist verdicts and Massacres – Burn New Manusmritis

    Statement on casteist verdicts on Bathani Tola, Laxmanpur Bathe and other Dalit massacres Burn the New Manusmritis statement by Republican Panthers “There can be no doubt that the greater responsibility to bring about this social revolution in a… Continue Reading →

The Facts – Crash course genocidal Israel

There is a 130 year long record of religious Jewish opposition against the zionist scheme | Source Neturei Karta The sole one starting terrorism in the middle east is Israel, King David Bombing  July 1946, before any state of “Israel” was founded at… Continue Reading →

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