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India’s cancer burden: Why the govt’s CL ruling is so important #drugpricing #goodnews

Jan 15, 2013, First post Early last year, when the Union government allowed the production of Nexavar, a liver and kidney cancer drug, by an Indian company against the wishes of multinational pharma major Bayer, the prices of several indigenously… Continue Reading →

#India-The burden of being a dissent in democracy -Story of J Roslin #RIP

– By Tariq Abdul Muhaimin12/27/12, Newzfirst   In an age where the State defines its role as ‘emancipating’ and ‘empowering’, the plight of several oppressed individuals, some of whom have even succumbed to injuries obtained in the course of their… Continue Reading →

#India #Koodankulam Letter to Heads of States/Governments

October 31, 2012 People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) Idinthakarai 627 104 Tirunelveli District Tamil Nadu, India Phone: 98656 83735; 9842154073 koodankulam@yahoo.com The Heads of State/Government c/o The Embassies (or) High Commissions New Delhi India Your Excellency: Greetings! We, several millions… Continue Reading →

#India #Nuclear – The ‘Koodankulam Conflict’ Map #mustread

Us Them Actors Fisherfolk, farmers, workers, Dalits, Muslims, women, children etc. Supporters in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and rest of India. Supporting political parties, Social movements, Human rights groups etc. Some sections of Media Some international friends Government of India Government… Continue Reading →

Aamir Khan, The Ambanis And Medical Ethics

Vidyadhar Date  28 May, 2012 Countercurrents.org Dr Ravi Bapat is the man Amir Khan should have featured in his television programme on health issues Satyameva Jayate telecast on May 27. Dr Bapat is also much nearer home , in Mumbai…. Continue Reading →

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