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Vedanta’s Anil Agarwal wants Narendra Modi govt to unlock natural resources’ potential and violate tribal rights ?

PTI | New Delhi | Updated: May 21 2014, 14:44 IST ‘We expect the NDA government to have clear reforms and forward looking policies on top oftheir agenda,’ says Vedanta Resources Chairman Anil Agarwal. SUMMARYVedanta Resources Chairman Anil Agarwal expects MOdi govt… Continue Reading →

For India’s Persecuted Muslim Minority, Caution Follows Hindu Party’s Victory

By GARDINER HARRISMAY 16, 2014   Muslim women with a portrait of Narendra Modi, the candidate from the Bharatiya Janata Party, on Friday in Varanasi. Allies say there is no reason for Muslims to fear a government led by him. CreditSanjay Kanojia/Agence France-Presse — Getty… Continue Reading →

How Narendra Modi can benefit from the Gujarati ethic

What makes Gujaratis so successful? Aakar Patel  Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai, is the mainstay of Gujarati jewellers. Photo: Saurabh Das/AP What makes Gujaratis so successful? If we look at the Forbes list of billionaires in India, about half are originally of Gujarati and… Continue Reading →

#India – If Modi Becomes The PM….

Irfan Engineer It is unlikely that Narendra Modi will be elected as the PM of such a diverse and vast country like India. In his election campaign, Modi’s PR machinery’s objective seemed to be to reach out to the electorate… Continue Reading →

Should only Minorities be Worried over #Narendra Modi

MAY 8, 2014 Sanjay Kumar, kafila.org (Photo Courtesy : ibnlive.in.com) Guest Post by Sanjay Kumar By stealth, wealth, and media barrage a phalanx of powerful interests is trying to create a public opinion favourable to Mr Narendra Modi. It appears… Continue Reading →

Narendra Modi: India’s Jekyll and Hyde #NaMo #Feku #NOMOre_2014

April 30, 2014 9:19 amby Edward Luce, in Financial Express 11inShare0  If you want the best case for Narendra Modi, you can do no better than read my colleague Gideon Rachman’s latest column – India needs a jolt. After a decade… Continue Reading →

All the Modi men

Who are the men who are quietly orchestrating Narendra Modi’s electoral campaign? Radhika Ramaseshan zeroes in on a disparate group that’s come together on a one-point mission: to see the Gujarat CM installed as Prime Minister The young women are in their… Continue Reading →

Narendra Modi ‘butcher of Gujarat’; 9 Mythbusters on 2002 post-Godhra riots

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 – 1:14pm IST | Agency: DNA Shehzad Poonawalla For those who have developed “selective and motivated” amnesia about the truths of 2002 riots in Gujarat and are suddenly buying into the myths being perpetrated by Narendra… Continue Reading →

Did Paresh Rawal just call Narendra Modi a dictator?

Monday, 28 April 2014 – 12:59pm IST | Agency: DNA Webdesk   Actor-turned-politician Paresh Rawal has turned heads with his most recent statement endorsing “benevolent” dictatorship as viable form of government, In his most recent interview, Rawal, who is contesting for… Continue Reading →

Kavita Krishnan’s comments to Barkha Dutt on her article on Modi

Kavita Krishnan, Fcaebook Mesmerised by Modi’s “masterful” campaign strategy and the frenzied saffron surge at his nomination rally at Banaras, Barkha Dutt writes that “the weakest link so far is Modi’s failure in bridging the gap with India’s Muslims,” and… Continue Reading →

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