Levels of distrust – Muslim and Police

August 23, 2014 1:38 am
"Pakistan still  has many voices that point out the falsehood of the intolerant doctrine fed to our population as its daily  diet."24 per cent of Muslims in the same economic class expressed the same level of distrust of the police.


Survey data confirms perceptions of a trust deficit between Muslims and the police.

The gap of learning between India and Pakistan is significant because it goes beyond the argument of population ratios.

By sanjay kumar

The recent report “Strategy for making police forces more sensitive towards minority sections” prepared by three directors general of police, Sanjeev Dayal, Deoraj Nagar and K. Ramanujam, could not be more timely. There seems to be a sense of shared anxiety amongst Muslims after the BJP assumed power at the Centre. It is for the Modi government, more so for the home ministry, to act upon some, if not all, of the report’s recommendations which could help build confidence in the BJP among Muslims.

The report concludes that there is a trust deficit as Muslims perceive the police to be communal, biased, insensitive, ill-informed, corrupt and lacking professionalism. Surveys across countries indicate that the level of trust among people in the police is very low, much lower compared to other institutions. In India, the DGPs’ report moves one step further in endorsing such a perception.

Findings from surveys conducted by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) confirm some of the observations in the report by the DGPs. Not only is the level of trust in the police amongst Muslims lower compared to Hindus, it has also declined during the last few years. In a 2009 survey, 21 per cent of Hindu respondents indicated they had no trust in police forces. This perception hardly changed in the next four years. But the proportion of Muslims who reposed faith in the police declined during the same period. In the 2009 survey, 19 per cent among Muslims indicated they had no trust in the police —  this went up to 26 per cent in 2013. But this change in perception was largely reflected among urban, upper-class, educated Muslims. Among Muslims living in villages, 24 per cent said they placed no trust in the police ( in comparison, 20 per cent among the Hindus said the same), but the figure corresponded to 29 per cent among Muslims living in towns and cities. While there is hardly any difference in perception between rural and urban Hindus with regard to trust in the police, there is a noticeable difference among Muslims on this question.

Similarly, the level of distrust of the police is higher among Muslims belonging to all economic strata as compared to Hindus in the same economic rungs. The 2013 study indicates that among upper-class Hindus, 17 per cent had no trust in the police while 24 per cent of Muslims in the same economic class expressed the same level of distrust of the police. This figure was even higher among middle-class Muslims (27 per cent) as compared to 17 per cent among lower-class Hindus. The level of distrust among Muslims keeps increasing as one goes down the economic ladder — 29 per cent in the lower class, and 32 per cent among poor Muslims. This holds true for Hindus as well (22 per cent for lower class and 23 per cent among poor Hindus) but the level of distrust of the police amongst them is much lower compared to Muslims belonging to similar economic strata.

Responses to a question in the 2013 survey on whether they believed the police would treat Muslims and Hindus equally if they needed to approach a police station for resolving disputes further revealed this clear difference in perception between Hindus and Muslims. Thirty-nine per cent among Hindus believed the police would discriminate between the two, while this figure corresponded to 49 per cent among Muslims. This perception is shared both among rural and urban Muslims, though in much higher proportion among urban Muslims.

The findings of the survey also indicate that of the various institutions and agencies (panchayat, tehsil/ BDO office, courts, police station/ thana, government hospital and ration shop), the police station is seen as the most corrupt by a cross-section of Indians, but in greater proportion by Muslims. About 25 per cent of all respondents considered the police to be the most corrupt. Among Muslims, 28 per cent perceived the police station to be the most corrupt.

The DGPs’ report seems to be correctly pointing towards the basic reasons behind such perceptions, namely, the under-representation of Muslims in the police and, perhaps, the misconduct of some police personnel, especially during the time of communal disturbances. In the 2013 survey, a larger number of Muslim respondents (51 per cent) expressed varying degrees of difficulty in obtaining help from the police compared to Hindus (40 per cent). Poorer Muslims had greater difficulty in obtaining police help (53 per cent) compared to rich Muslims (40 per cent).

Changing perceptions is a very challenging task, more so when it is about an institution like the police. Such perceptions could be changed largely by social interaction. The report rightly suggests steps like training, outreach programmes, forming specialised cyber wings to combat rumours and similar efforts for building long-term trust in the police. The positive side to this story is that, despite the trust deficit, many Muslims are not averse to getting in touch with the police if the need arose. In fact, there is hardly any difference of opinion on this issue among Hindus and Muslims.


Source — http://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/levels-of-distrust/99/

Dalit woman accuses police of taking bribe


SURKHET, August 1:After her husband eloped with another woman, Nanda BK of Sandhikhola, Ramghat VDC-2, Surkhet district was asked by the police to appear at the Area Police Office, Chhinchu.

Although Nanda was seven months pregnant she reached the police office only to be detained for two days for no apparent reason at all. After being released, Nanda had thought she would never be troubled by the police again. “But the police demanded bribe from us,” Nanda told media persons, “I even paid them the amount they demanded but they have still been troubling me.”

The family of the woman with whom Nanda´s husband had eloped with had earlier registered a complaint against the latter accusing him of human trafficking.

Nanda then went to Shimla of India and brought back the woman to Surkhet district. The woman explained to the police that she had married Nanda´s husband. But the police continued thrashing Nanda.

Nanda accused sub-inspector Radheshyam Chaudhary of accepting Rs 80,000 from the woman´s relatives. She claimed that her brother-in-law Hemant had seen Chaudhary accepting the bribe.

She also accused sub-inspector Chaudhary of demanding an additional Rs 27,000 to pay to a senior police officer. Superintendent of Police Prakash Adhikari, who the chief of Surkhet police, said that he had held a discussion with Nanda and the police officials after learning about the case.

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Forged Gram Sabha Complaint: Jabalpur HC Takes Singrauli SP to Task

The issue of the forged signatures in the Gram Sabha resolution has received a boost from the Jabalpur High Court. The HC has pulled up the Superintendent of Police of Singrauli for not taking action on the complaint filed by the villagers on the forged Gram Sabha resolution of March 6, 2013. Acting on a writ petition filed by Mahan Sangharsh Samiti (MSS) member and Greenpeace Activist, Priya Pillai, the Jabalpur High Court passed an order directing the Singrauli SP to conduct an inquiry within seven days and communicate the outcome to the petitioner in the next 30 days.


16 July 2014Public Meeting at Mahan in Madhya Pradesh © Vivek M / Greenpeace


Members of MSS today personally delivered a copy of the court order to the SP to ensure that the order has reached the right people.

“The SP now has seven days to conduct a preliminary enquiry into the issue. If the enquiry reveals a cognizable offence, an FIR should be filed and necessary action should be taken against the thana-in-charge of Maada police station, who refused to register an FIR despite repeated attempts. If no cognizable offence is found, we should be given an answer in writing within the next 30 days,” says Priya Pillai.

This is a welcome development for the community members of the Mahan region and a setback for Essar’s proposed coal mine in the forests of Mahan. “The Jabalpur High Court’s order is a big blow to Essar’s plans of mining in Mahan forests. In case an FIR is filed, it could mean that a fresh Gram Sabha could be conducted to decide the fate of mining in Mahan forests,” says Pillai.

The Gram Sabha resolution in question is a forged document that was created to give a go-ahead to the mine in Mahan forests. Conducted in order to get a vote on the mine on March 6, 2013, the special Gram Sabha was attended by only 182 people. However, a copy of the resolution acquired through Right to Information (RTI) has 1,125 signatures. The villagers have evidence that most of the signatures in the resolution have been forged. The document even contains names of people, who have been dead for a number of years. On February 12, 2014, the Veerappa Moily-led environment ministry granted the stage II forest clearance to the coal block on the basis of this doctored document. Following this, MSS began a peaceful Van Satyagraha and declared the clearance null and void.

“For the past couple of months we have been urging the authorities to lodge an FIR for this case, but to no avail,” says Hiramani Singh Gond, member of MSS and resident of Amelia village. “This forged Gram Sabha resolution has given a free ticket to the officials from Essar and forest department to enter our forests and mark trees which need to be felled to clear the way for the mine. All this has to stop, till a thorough investigation is conducted into the forged resolution,” he adds.

The district collector of Singrauli had earlier gone on record saying that a fresh Gram Sabha on FRA would be conducted if he finds any discrepancy in the March 6 Gram Sabha resolution. “Several months have passed since he said this and we still do not know the outcomes of the enquiry or the action the district collector has taken,” says Pillai.

“Members of civil society, such as Ashish Kothari and Ramesh Agrawal, have written to the Tribal Minister and the district collector of Singrauli expressing concern over the way the Forest Rights Act is being implemented and urged them to ensure that a free and fair Gram Sabha is conducted the second time around,” says Pillai.

The Jabalpur High Court’s order is a move in the right direction and the local police in Singrauli should file an FIR after a detailed enquiry into the matter. Additionally, necessary action should be taken against the thana in-charge of Maada, who failed to do his duty.

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Cop arrested taking money from transgender in Ajmer

TNN | Jun 19, 2014, 02.06AM IST

AJMER: Former SHO of dargah police station Vijay Singh Choudhary was arrested by police on Wednesday under charges of criminal breach of trust by a public servant in a rape case filed by a transgender on June 10. Choudhary is charged with taking Rs 40,000 from the transgender before she was arrested.

The district police confirmed on Wednesday that half of the story of the transgender that money was stolen from her was was true but remained adamant on the second charge that she was raped and said the matter is under investigation. Previously Choudhary was removed from dargah police station last week and sent to police lines and investigation officer IPS Gaurav Yadav arrested him.

Police charged Choudhary with breaching of trust when the possessions of the transgender which was kept in the police station was not returned back when she was released. “We took statements of policemen posted in te dargah police station and found that SHO Vijay Singh Choudhary took Rs 87,000 from the transgender when she was arrested and showed only Rs 47,000 on record. We found it to be a crime of breach of trust under Section 409 of the IPC” said SP Mahendra Singh Choudhary.

He further denied that any conclusion has been arrived on the rape accusation by the transgender and said that nothing came out during the investigation so far. “We are still waiting for the FSL report to reach a conclusion but it is certain that there was no rape of the victim in the police station on the night of June 5 when she was in custody and was under arrest,” Choudhary claimed.

Choudhary said that there is no sign of wounds on private parts of the transgender who stated that she was raped. “The wounds on her other body parts are just because she fought with the policemen on June 4 on main road,” Choudhary further said.

The victim accused that when she was arrested she was having Rs 87,000 in her possession and also three Rs 500 notes with the series bearing 786 but when she was released police handed her only Rs 47,000 and kept remaining Rs 40,000 with them.

Meanwhile, sources said with arrest of SHO Choudhary, the police are going to close the case and give a clean chit to the accused who are charged with sexual abuse and rape. But PUCL, an NGO which came out in support of the transgender, gave a memorandum to the SP to arrest all accused in the case.

The incident happened when the transgender from Mumbai came to offer prayers in the dargah. She was accused of beating up a constable June 4 in the dargah bazaar along with seven other transgenders. Later all accused were sent to jail by a court. On June 9, when the transgender came out on bail, she filed a report to the police alleging that ASI Laxmi Narayan and two other constables of raping her in the dargah police station on the night of June 5.

She was taken for medical examination twice and also for sonography and it was confirmed that the victim transplanted female part in 2009. Her statement was also recorded in the court while police recorded statement of other witnesses.

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Mumbai Police thrash two runners training on city’s roads at night #WTFnews

Vijay V Singh


Navy Employee And BPO Manager Claim Inspector Assaulted Them At Vikhroli

Two sports enthusiasts, who were training at night for a marathon, were allegedly thrashed by a policeman early on Saturday and threatened with a false case.Breeze Sharma (40), employed with the navy , and his friend Kavin Kondabathini (34), a BPO employee, regularly practise on the city’s roads by night to train for a run on Himalayan terrain. They were on a regular round on Friday night near the Eastern Express Highway and halted for a snack in Vikhroli at around 2am on Saturday , when they were first accosted by the policeman.

Sharma and Kondabathini were having refreshments inside a makeshift tent at Vikhroli, when a police inspector spotted them. The tents had been set up to conduct the physical tests of applicants for constables’ jobs and are left unattended at night.

The inspector reportedly assaulted Sharma and Kondabathini with a lathi, for stopping at the police tent and took another lathi when the first one broke. Sharma and Kondabathini had parked their jeep and bike respectively on the service road before they started and following the assault, they left the spot hurriedly in their vehicles. The duo said they stopped their vehicles some distance from the tent but the inspector reportedly followed them in a van and assaulted them. They then drove for quite a few kilometers and stoppedagain for Kondabathini to collect his bag from Sharma’s jeep when the police van also arrived there.

A constable from the van then allegedly told the duo that the inspector would arrest them in a false case, so they sped off with their vehicles fearing arrest. “He had beaten me badly and I didn’t tell my family members about it initially,“ said Kavin. “I am unaware of this incident.
They can meet senior officers with their grievances and we will inquire into it,“ said Mahesh Patil, deputy commissioner of police and city police spokesperson.

Sharma said he has been practising on roads for 14 months and is associated with a group called the `Mumbai Road Runners’.

Breeze on Facebook states


Guys am about to share something which can happen to any of u;As u r aware i was to run 100kms as my last training leg before my gruelling event at Himalaya (Himalayan Crossing-360k). Many of my runner friends had planned to join me at various timings,another friend joined me at 2000hrs.At around 0230hrs i finished 66kms and my friend 40kms.We both were taking a break near a police recruitment tent on Eastern Express Highway Mulund. A police patrol van comes and without asking anything a three star police person just started blowing lathis left,right center on us. We kept on hitting.I am from armed forces still they did not have any courtesy.While beating the lathi broken eventually , this person snatched another one from a havldar standing side by .It was a highest degree of torture and i was thinking at the moment that he should not shoot us in frustration.They kept us chasing as if we were criminals and terrorists.When we stopped near Gandhi nagar bridge to review our injuries and put on shoes n tees again the VAn came n this time they asked about the docks of the vehicles ..now the three star ordered to put us behind the lock up , then i said him that without any reason u r doing all these things,M not an out sider I live in Naval colony just meters ahead, ok m ready to go any where take me,then one of the havaldar came and told us that :SAB KA MIJAJ THIK NAHI H….CHALE JAO.M still too much up set that without any reason my friend had to face this kind of situation.As few of other friends were to join at 0300 we called and alerted them.This is just done.WE ARE NOT TERRORISTS WE ARE RUNNERS. I will be back again on the same road soon……


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