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India’s courts caught in pornophobia

Cleansing Internet browsers of smut would wipe out fundamental liberties By Saurav Datta / 7 February, 2014 (Image: Shutterstock)   Lord Chief Justice Campbell, while introducing The Obscene Publications Act 1857, described pornography as “poison more deadly than prussic acid,… Continue Reading →

‘Revenge porn’ is about degrading women sexually and professionally #Vaw

What does it say about society that websites where angry men shame their ex-lovers are thriving? Jill Filipovic , guardian.co.uk, Monday 28 January 2013   Ex-lovers can now torment women online by posting naked photos of them and other personal information. Photograph: Robin… Continue Reading →

Sexy letters and Men’s Health? — banned by new #prison #censorship rule

By Alan Prendergast Thu., Sep. 27 2012   Categories: Media, News, Prison Life A recent push by state prison officials to crack down on the sexual content of inmates’ mail has greatly expanded the range of books and magazines intercepted… Continue Reading →

The Dirty Picture or how not to be a Porngate hypocrite

First Post, Feb 9, 2012 by M. Svairini Confession: I have sex. I watch porn on the Internet and on film. I write erotic stories, I’ve stripped for audiences, and, so far, I’ve acted in one film that could be… Continue Reading →

Web providers hit out at ‘censorship’ of internet porn

7th feb 2012-IRISH internet providers have criticised a decision by their counterparts in the UK to impose a blanket ban on pornography — branding the decision as “nothing less than censorship”. Under a new scheme introduced last year aimed at… Continue Reading →

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