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#India- did not want to know about Laxmanpur Bathe and that is why Sachin Tendulkar is ‘God’ #mustread

OCTOBER 13, 2013 tags: by Shuddhabrata Sengupta, IN KAFILA.ORG ‘No Results Found’ on Searching for Laxmanpur Bathe in Times Now on the night of Oct 12-13, 2013 In a country where the bloodthirsty rhetoric of ‘hang them, shoot them’, an ‘eye… Continue Reading →

Joint Statement on Travesty of Justice in BATHANITOLA JUDGEMENT

We are deeply distressed and shocked at the judgment of Patna High Court (Bihar) on 16th April 2012 acquitting the upper caste/feudal murderers of the ghastly Bhatanitola Massacre in 1996. This is not only a severe miscarriage of justice but a… Continue Reading →

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