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Romila Thapar

#Gujarat- Memorial to a Genocide: Citizenship of Junk #NarendraModi

We built a monument here, to the witness as storyteller, to the activist as historian. And to the spectator as a citizen who will not be allowed to forget Shiv Visvanathan I’ll begin personally. I’m a sociologist and I have served… Continue Reading →

#Gujarat -Memorial to a Genocide: Insist on justice #NarendraModi

Would those who encouraged the victimisers to kill in Gujarat be willing to apologise or make a conciliatory gesture to the victims? That would be a confession of guilt and guilt is what Narendra Modi is constantly denying Romila Thapar… Continue Reading →

Citizens’ Statement Against Prime Minister’s Malicious Comment on Koodankulam Struggle

February 27, 2012 Who is under the foreign hand? We strongly deplore the PM’s recent statement that the people’s struggle against Koodankulam nuclear power plant is instigated by foreign agencies and funds. We cannot accept our PM to stoop to… Continue Reading →

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