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MDG Report 2014: India among worst performers in poverty reduction, maternal death and sanitation

Author(s): Moushumi Sharma  Date:Jul 9, 2014 Report shows good progress in areas like poverty alleviation and access to clean water and controlling diseases like TB, Malaria Some MDG targets, such as increasing access to sanitation and reducing child and maternal mortality… Continue Reading →

#India – Is having toilets a Mission Impossible ?

Mission possible Author(s): Jitendra  , Alok Gupta  , Sayantan Bera  Jan 31, 2014 |  The Centre gives India just about eight years to free its villages of open defecation. This seems unlikely. But the states of Sikkim, Haryana and Jharkhand in India, and Bangladesh and… Continue Reading →

#India – Woman agrees to return home , after husband promises toilet facility

  PTI  Indore, December 25, 201 According to a report, more than 70 per cent families have no access to toilets in Madhya Pradesh. (For representation only) A 27-year-old dalit woman has agreed to return to her husband‘s home at a village… Continue Reading →

#India- Gujarat, Low wage rates, poorly functioning public schemes, Ranks 10th in the use of Latrines #mustread

The Hindu Not vegetarianism or dieting, Mr. Modi   INDIRA HIRWAY, The Hindu + APLOSING TRACK: The growth process in Gujarat has paid limited attention to the well-being of the masses. File Photo T Low wage rates, poorly functioning public… Continue Reading →

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