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shahid azmi

Human rights lawyer Shahid – “Let’s see, how long am I allowed to live?” #mustread

By RANA AYYUB in   On Feb. 11, 2010, I returned to Mumbai after a reporting assignment in Hyderabad. A rare weekend off with family, it was also my niece’s birthday. I switched my phone to silent mode to avoid work-related phone… Continue Reading →

#India – The Challenge of depicting slain Human Rights Lawyer Shahid Azmi’s life on film#Sundayreading

Keeping it real By ANAND HOLLA, Mumbai Mirror | Oct 20, 2013, Shahid director Hansal Mehta on the challenge of depicting slain lawyer Shahid Azmi‘s life on film and finding comfort in reality. All through the muchacclaimed film, Shahid, based on the life… Continue Reading →

#India – Hansal Mehta’s Film – Inspiring story of Human Rights Lawyer, Shahid Azmi to release on Oct 18 #mustread

Q&A: Hansal Mehta on His New Film ‘Shahid’ By Priyanka Pereira UTV New biopic ‘Shahid’ has won accolades around the world, and is set for release in India Oct. 18. After a series of box office flops, director Hansal Mehta… Continue Reading →

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