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Orwell was hailed a hero for fighting in Spain. Today he’d be guilty of terrorism

The International Brigades are acclaimed for bravery. But British citizens who fight in Syria are damned. If only they did it for the money George Monbiot , The Guardian ‘The British government did threaten people leaving to join the International Brigades, by… Continue Reading →

Letter from Muslim Youth – No fiction but facts

Dear Indians, You should not be wondering who I am because my name is Rehan Ansari similar to Ahmed or Saeed or Mirza and I am not fictionalizing it. My English may not be as good or I may not… Continue Reading →

#India – You Are Hereby A Terrorist

How the UP state apparatus plots to keep innocent Muslims in jail Ashish Khetan, in Outlook  The Akhilesh Yadav government’s ‘benevolence’ in the dropping of a few terror cases against Muslim suspects is leading to a communal polarisation in the… Continue Reading →

” Aao Kasab Ko Phansi Dain ” -a poem by Anshu Malviya

उसे चौराहे पर फाँसी दें ! बल्कि उसे उस चौराहे पर फाँसी दें जिस पर फ्लड लाईट लगाकर विधर्मी औरतों से बलात्कार किया गया गाजे-बाजे के साथ कैमरे और करतबों के साथ लोकतंत्र की जय बोलते हुए उसे उस पेड़… Continue Reading →

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