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B Mohan was 45 year old and a resident of Palangulam, Melakottai of Ilamanur
village in Ramanathapuram District of Tamil Nadu. He was an environmental activist and a former Panchayat President. Mohan with the help of his fellow villagers had formed a group to monitor and check illegal quarrying from water bodies in their area such as Purandi water tank and Puluthikulam water tank. These tanks serve as a source of water for the entire village and used for irrigation and drinking water purposes for the village people. The objective of the group was to protect and enhance the quality of water bodies in the area. The sand mafia often target water tanks to illegally mine the sand.
Source of Information on the Incident:

• Fact-Finding undertaken by People’s Watch
The Perpetrators:
• Mr. Jeyabharath and Mr. Karthik of MSK Nagar
• Mr. Anand of Marappalam
• Mr. Muniasamy of Peravur
• Mr. Harish of Vandikkara Nagar and Others
Date and Place of incident:
June 2, 2019 at Ilamanur village, Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu
Details of the Incident:
According to sources, on June 2, 2019, in the evening around 3.30 pm, Mohan along with his friends Murugesan, Selvam , Lakshmanan, Kumar and Sathaih, went to the Purandi tank in the village for bathing. Suddenly they heard some noise from a nearby place called Puzhithikulam and at this moment they moved towards
Puzhithikualm. Upon their arrival in Puzhithikulam, they found that Jeyabharath and
Karthik of MSK Nagar, Anand of Marappalam, Muniasamy of Peravur, Harish of
Vandikkara Nagar and some others were illegally extracting sand from Puzhithikulam tank using a JCB.

Mohan told Jeyabharath that according to the government regulations sand can be
extracted up to 3 square feet from Puzhithikulam and questioned him for extracting
sand up to 15 square feet depth. On being questioned, Jeyabharath got angry and
he along with his group attacked Mohan and his friends with iron rod and sticks.
In order to save life, they all ran. Mohan was chased down by the perpetrators and
was again taken to the Puzhithikulam tank. They pushed him in the tank, forcefully
drowned him in the water and killed him. The perpetrators took Mohan’s body in a

Maruti Alto car to Ramanathapuram Government Hospital and threw the body

Mr Padmanabhan s/o Raju, brother in law of Mohan. went for a bath around 4:15 pm on June 2, 2019 to the Purandi tank. On his way he met Lakshmanan, who was
running back to the village to save his life and inform villagers regarding attacks on
him, Mohan and others. Lakshmanan told Padmanabhan about the events and
Padmanabhan then rushed to the crime spot. On finding no one there, he rushed
towards the hospital where he found Mohan’s body. He called the police from mobile number 8300031100 around 4:40 pm and they arrived around 5:15 pm.
Lakshmanan, Selvam, Murugesan, Sathiah, and Kumar were also seriously injured
and were taken to the government hospital by 108 Ambulance almost an hour after
the incident.

On June 2, 2019, nearly 200 people gathered and protested on the Madurai-
Ramanathapuram road. Again on June 3, 2019, village people organised peaceful

protests at the district collector’s office. Some villagers also tried to self-immolate
themselves in protest against Mohan’s brutal murder. Despite registration of the FIR 166/2019 at 8 pm on June 2, 2019, the accused are
still not arrested.

We request the Hon’ble Commission to:
• Order an immediate, thorough, transparent, effective and impartial
investigation into the above-mentioned events of the brutal killing of
environmental activist and human rights defender Mr. B Mohan;
• Take immediate action against the police officers for negligence and not
arresting any of the accused till date;
• Take immediate action on the alleged perpetrators by directing the police to
arrest Jeyabharath and Karthik of MSK Nagar, Anand of Marappalam,
Muniasamy of Peravur, Harish of Vandikkara Nagar and others for the brutal
murder of Mr. B Mohan;

• Appoint a senior lawyer practicing on the criminal side to appear for the
human rights defenders in the court in this case and update the commission
on the proceedings periodically;
• Recommend the district administration to provide protection to the victims’
family members;
• Recommend immediate compensation as a measure of interim relief to the
family of the deceased and those severally injured;
• Recommend that those injured are able to access adequate and quality
treatment for the injuries at a hospital of their choice at state cost;
• Recommend that government job is provided to the son of the deceased as
they are a family of six members and need financial support to run their
family. The job should be according to the qualifications and skills possessed
by deceased’s son;
• Recommend that immediate actions are taken against district revenue officials
and police official who are responsible for the illegal sand mining to continue;
• Put an end to all acts of harassment and attacks against all human rights
defenders in the State of Tamil Nadu to ensure that in all circumstances they
carry out their activities as human rights defenders without any hindrances;
• More generally, ensures in all circumstances the respect for human rights and
fundamental freedoms in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights and with international human rights instruments ratified by India is
strictly adhered to in the state of Tamil Nadu.