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Threat of Violence against women activists at TATA STEEL Public Hearing – March 12th


DATE0 MARCH 12TH, 2012

time- 11am – 1pm

VENUE- D. A V SCHOOL,  Tata Iron and Steel Company ( ) , ( which is a violation of MOEF, history repearing again )

Noamundi is a census town in Pashchimi Singhbhum district in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is also an administrative ‘block’. It is a small mining town in close to the border. It lies near to Jamshedpur and 64 km (40 mi) from Chaibasa. Nearby towns include Padapahar, Barajamda, Kharsawan, Gua and Kiriburu.Noamundi, in the West  Si n g h b h u m d i s tr i c t o f  Jharkhand, is the iron ore
capital of . Most of the  mines here are being run by  the Tatas.The area is also one  of the most polluted. Red iron ore dust from mining activity around Noamundi  covers every surface affecting crops, animals and humans.
For more infromation contact-  09471315165 for more details


 “On 12th March their Noamundi mines TATA STEEL is having a public hearing for extension of lease their mines. They have tried it in 20054 and the villagers drove them away. This time they are using all kinds of pressure tactics on Omon Mahila Samiti and JMACC threatening violence etc. The former CM of Jharkhand Babulal Marandi has guaranteed the TATAS that he will get this public done at any cost. Babulal send a journalist to Oman telling them that if they oppose then the State will brand them as Maoist. We fear violence on that day. Journalist who can please help by covering the news. “

What will happen on march 12, 2012, a  Repeat of Septemebr 25th 2004 


Jeshoda Das is a nurse at the TISCO Mines hospital in Jodda Orissa some km from Noamundi in Jharkhand. For the past two weeks she is being mentally tortured by the GM of TISCO. Her fault? Her elder sister Ambika Das is the leader of Oman Mahila Sangathan leading the movement against the Public Hearing to be held on 12th of March. The GM and others from their personnel department has told her that she will loose her job if Oman does not withdraw the agitation against the mines extension.

Jeshoda has told the GM point blank that they can throw her out but she does not want her people to suffer because of her job.

The other good point in the movement is that a majority of the Adivasi Traditional tribal chiefs known as Mundas are with Oman. TISCO is trying to purchase them. Rice beer and cash is being poured into these villages to divide the people.


Jharkhand’s  Curse.

Natural water resources have been drying up or polluted over the decades due to mining and consequent change in weather conditions. Noamundi used to get tons of rain in the early 90s but now there is no method to the rains in Noamundi. Local people attribute this to the devastation of forests and indiscriminate mining.

For a better part of the 20th century, Steel went on to become synonymous with Indian industrialisation, social philanthropy and ethical capitalism. Long before fair labour practices were enshrined in Indian law or adopted in the West, the company introduced an eight-hour working day, equal pay for equal work, maternity benefits, worker’s accident compensation and profit-sharing bonuses. For five decades at the helm of the business empire, JRD Tata was credited with infusing Tata Steel with a “people-first” approach that earned the company its continuing competitive edge – strong loyalty and high productivity from its workers, allowing it to produce good quality steel at low costs. All the leading business figures of the Tata family set personal examples by bequeathing large portions of their personal wealth to philanthropic trusts, run by the Tata holding group for social welfare and advancement.

Fast-forward to the post-liberalisation era of the 90s and slowly, Tata Steel’s ethical tilt began to appear more like an ethical veneer. The company’s head of communications, Sanjay Choudhary had been quick to dismiss Kalinganagar as “a stray incident [that] should not derail a good thing.” In reality, it was not a stray incident. In August 1997, two women were crushed to death during a protest rally against Tata Steel’s proposal to set up a steel plant in Gopalpur-on-Sea, a coastal town in Orissa. Three years later, the company was forced to abandon the proposal following protests from over 20,000 people. In 2000, three tribal youth were shot dead by the police during a peaceful demonstration near a proposed Tata Steel bauxite-mining site in Rayagada district, Orissa. In Kalinganagar itself, since the 2006 incident there have been a dozen more mining-related deaths, of which — were due to protests against Tata Steel, according to news reports.

In  2004  in Noamundi, the September 25 public hearing was held inside the premises of the Tata Iron and Steel Company — something which was a violation of the Environment Ministry’s statutory norms. According to Chokro Khandait of the Chaibasa-based Jharkhand Organisation for Human Rights (JOHAR), the villagers fear TISCO’s expanded mining operations will lead to the loss of their lands. They wanted to speak out in the public hearing, to air their views. But the police stopped them  before they  could come near the premises. But according to TATA official Release -300 people from nearby villages attended the hearing , which actually mostly  TISCO employees.

SO, now what will TATA STEEL do, hire goons, no why should they when they have the State support.

But how come, the legality of this meeting is not questioned if it is against the   Environment Ministry’s statutory norms.

Please share  widely THE TATA STEEL PUBLIC HEARING FOR EXTENSION OF LEASE IS ILLEGAL, until and unless the affected villagers are heard and convinced , the mining lease cannot be extended.

Lets all PROTEST

so please share widely on your  blog, website, twitter, Fb page


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Comments (52)

  1. angela alvares

    This man Tata got an award for Philantrophist of the Year??? Land grabbing billionaire whose workers are always exploited to the maximum

  2. Asit das

    we should protest this arm twisting by tatas

  3. Stan Swamy

    The sham of public hearing in Noamundi will be resisted by the adivasi people of the villages.
    The fear is police and hooligan repression of the people.
    Let us urge fair-minded journalists / correspondents to cover the happenings on March 12th.
    Stan Swamy

  4. Gopal Tiu

    This story a public gimmic by Xavier Dias and his stooges. Xavier Dias has today become the pawn in the hands of foreign mining players to stop India’s development and indigenous companies. WE THE TRIBALS OF JHARKHAND STRONGLY OPPOSE HIM AND SUPPORT THIS PUBLIC HEARING. TATAS ARE A VERY GOOD COMPNAY AND HAVE DONE A LOT FOR THE TRIBALS.

    • Xavier dias has been fighting for the rights of tribals all his life, and TATA good company well they have said TATA o goodness long back 😛

      • pooja

        The development work that Tata;s has done in noamundi is there for all to see. the development work that Xavier and his team gas done is also there . please compare and comment. Please find out how these top executives of NGOs and so called social activitist are leading such luxurios life. conferences in 5 star hotels, air travel to abroad. where from they are getting their funds. how much of that foreign grants is being spend on tribal development. I have seen many NGOs, that dtarted with almost no capital, working from either the homes of their promoters or a single room rented house to blossomed into multistoried building( some of them much better than many multinational company’s offices).but can they show us any proof of development of tribals. They cannot. These NGos are getting money in the name of tribal development but are engaged in their own development.They donot want the tribals to develop.otherwise their livelihood will be in danger.

  5. Biren Tudu

    We have confirmed information that Xavier has received 100,000 pounds to stop our tribal’s development in Noamundi and Singhbhum. He is the stooge of the foreign mining companies who want to take over our Indian mines after they are closed down by traitors like Xavier. WE the local tribals of Jharkhand will oppose this tooth and nail. We call upon all tribal loving populace of Jharkhand to drive our Xavier from our country. We the local tribals have been greatly benefittd from th medical, education and employment services of tisco. DOWN WITH Xavier Dias

  6. Susama Sinku

    Tribals of Kolhan region in Jharkhand are now united against the atrocities of Xavier and Ajitha. They are a big shame for our tribal society and want our tribal friends to remain poor always. Our Ho Mahasamaj will strike against them and drive them and their supporters out of Jharkhand. It seems that the Christian Missionaries are funding through them to stop our Kolhan Region’s development.

    • oh really if they are united then how come TATA needs to threaten OMAN women network and threaten nurse Jeshu, when one is honest, tarnmsapernt need o to beb afraid, so why threateneing

  7. Rini Mahanta

    Xavier Babu – How much money you have got to stop this Public Hearing? Understand that you are in the banner of RioTinto mines. Xavier is a crook and smuggling in foreign funds to stop the development of our country and particularly that of tribals. In the name of protecting the interests of tribals, he and his wife are swindling money. Government should quikly put them behind bars and we the tribals of Kolhan will support any action og government against traitors of tribals like Xavier and his wife Ajitha

    • hahahahahahahahah very inetersting, who will give money to him TATA any politicla party ? RIO TINO and him, TE;LL ME RINE which tata company are youw orking with hahahahaha

  8. Gopal Tiu

    All these NGOs are always protesting against corporate houses, in the name of tribals. but how many of them are really working for them ? These corporates are atleast providing employments, building infrastructures. agreed, they are making money, but they are in business for that purpose. In the other hand, these Ngos are getting lots of money in the name of tribal development, but instead of trib…al development are busy for their own development. The senior executives are traveliing by air, discussung how to eradicate poverty in fivestear hotels,while these poor tribals are rotting inthe jungles. Actually these NGOs are not interested in the development of tribals, least they will loose their employment. The corporates are atleast open in their exploitation, but NGos are more dangerous as they exploit the tribals in the name of tribal development. now who is more evil?

    • These corporates are taleats—- living in your oiwn comfort zones, takijg of profit and dveelopment at teh expense of grabbing lands, disaplcesment and ruining lives of triba;s, thats what vedanta ahs doen in niyamgiri, tata in kalinganagar, hands socked in blod of murdre of 14 adivavsis and jindal etc, hawkas looking at rich menireal sourecs o exploit craete a concerete jungle, and detsroy enviornment and forest and KILL whistelblowers and people

  9. Jacob Soren

    All these activists want the tribals remain underdeveloped so that they can swindle money in their name. jai Ho Slum Dog Jai Ho Xavier Bhai Jai Ho Kamyani Bali Mahabal

  10. pooja

    Many of these social activitists and ngo promoters are failures. They have failed intheir earlier life. . Failed to get a decent job, failed in their education. then have joined an ngo or started one. now they are leading better lives than their schoolmates or collegemates, who were better students, who have succeded in getting into top corporates or shame. They are no better than our political leaders.Our political leaders in the name of “lokseva”, Desha Seva” actually rule over us and loot us, similarly the so called social activitist like Xavier Dias, in the name of fighting fot the rights of Tribals actually exploits them.they are no better than our corrupt political leaders.

    • hahahah FAILURES, sure, failures are pillars of success eh 😛 failed asd your measuring tape i have failed in life, but my aims are nto same as yours, and my aim is nto to mint money on gravyards of people, and I AM WITH NGO, i work with movements, the more you tarnish my image and of others opposing corporates like TATA the more high i will rise in my scale of success dear 🙂

  11. What I find interested is that both sides of this argument seem to spend more time on mud slinging than factual debate. Tell me, is there any proof to back up these allegations against Xavier Das?

    • ashwini, here its not mud slinging, but an actual threat of violence, here is where this post is an example of kracktivism, the information flow when it reaches the world, the names mentioend are not fictitious, the voices and groups raised are not touts, one journalist will soon be there hope all can see the truth, as these places are so inaccessible, and as corporates have literally bought media, no one covers, but hey, web world is out there u see 🙂

  12. Kiran Champia

    We the tribals of Jharkhand want development. Since our state is rich in mineral resource, so that the development has to be mineral based. Please tell us who has done ving of more development for Tribals other than Tata Steel in Jharkhand. Would request NGOs like Johar, BIRSA and OMON to list down their tribal developmental activities. Although I am from Jaganathpur, which is in-between Noamundi and Chaibasha, but I have seen no development activitu by any one apart from Tata Steel. Can we know why Xavier Dias is enjoying life in Goa on a long leave instead of serving the tribals ? who is paying for his paid leave ?

  13. Bana Marandi

    Can Xavier Dias say that he has done something for these tribal communities or is he just instigating these people against the Tata Company which is a well wisher of them? While the company is providing all kinds of support to these poor tribals through free modern health care services, free educational facilities, various sustainable income generation programmes. Can Mr Xavier say that he and his NGos have done any of this except looting millions of money in name of providing succour to the tribal communities.

  14. Rini Mahanta

    Why Xavier Dias and Ajitha George are creating so many hue and cries about tata steel noamundi public hearing? are they afraid that tatas will get a posive response from this public hearing as they have got the backing of tribals? then the question arises why people will back tatas and not Xavier and Ajitha; it seems that they are being paid by some international mining companies who do not want our country to develop? then i feel that they are against their country. how can these people be so selfish and they are saying that they are working for tribal community’s development.

  15. Kiran Champia

    Read the article. What has done apart giving opposing comments ? Instigating agitation ? At the ground what has Xavier Dias Done ? How many dispensaries he has built ? How many employment he has created ? How many schools he has built ? How many drinking and irrigation projects he has done ? How many scholarships he gives in a year ? Can we have the numbers with some testimonials ? Only lectures and philosophy is not going to help any one.

  16. Read the story behind Land Acquisition and Dispossession By: Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt, Radhika Krishnan, Nesar Ahmad here

  17. Kiran Champia

    dear kractivist , please give us numbers of various tribal developmental activities by Xavier Dias ( done by him till date for last 37 years of his career) that we have asked for and not divert us in reading news articles and dreamy suggestions

  18. Kiran Champia

    I am an tribal from Jaganathpur ( in between Chaibasha and Noamundi). Neither I have felt nor I have seen any development activities by Xavier Dias and his team expect for motivating them to protest and agitate. That is the reason I am asking the numbers with testimonials. Can you give us please ?

  19. Most interesting to see an orchestrated mudslinging campaign against Xavier dias. Irrespective of what he has or has not done, the fact that most commentors,here who claim to be tribals have nothing but abuses to hurl is very telling. I am willing to bet that your server logs, if you had access to them, would tell a very interesting tale about these “different” commentors who say the same thing.

  20. Kiran Champia

    Well Well Well – It seems now it is hurting really. All the videos uploaded are just a diversion tactics from the main isue of Tribal Development in West Singhbhum and Jharkhand.

    We have just asking for the tribal development steps taken by Xavier Dias and his team with numbers and examples .

    If we do not get the numbers and examples, then we will be forced to belive that all the funds that Xavier Dias gets is used for agitation, instigation and showcasing our tribals as deprived.

  21. Kiran Champia



  22. The one face of the story is the current discussion going on but the real face of the story is something different. If any wants to check the real face plz do visit the following links…..

    What ever is the truth lets bring it to the stage.


  23. Mitu Soy

    can any one give any number of tribal developmental activities done by Xavier Dias and Ajitha George in noamundi region of paschim singhbhum. can both of them say or show that they have done this or that developmental work for tribal communities living their or they have just been instigating some of the tribal folks against Tatas. can Xavier and Ajitha show how much funding they have got from outside to stop this public hearing in noamundi and how much they have been promised by these well wishers if they stop this public hearing successfully.

  24. Megha Dehury

    Ajitha George and xavier are just only trying to become obstacle in the development of tribal populace of noamundi region by trying to stop the public hearing. because they kno that once tatas go out of this mining region some other foreign mining company get these mines lease. but can they give in writing that the development works done by tatas in this region will be done by those companies. i ma sure those companies will never do that and i am also sure that at that time both of these so called saviors of tribal community will not write a single word or protest against them because those very company would have paid them enough to become mum spectators.

  25. Has Tata Steel, one of India’s oldest and most admired corporates, diverged from the ethical path laid down by its founding fathers?

    • Kiran Champia

      Again a print media story manged by Xavier Dias with the help of foreign mining companies funding and journalist given a scholarship by PANOS ( finanaced by australian mining companies namely Rio-Tinto) to write it. Do I say any more inputs about the story ?

  26. Gopal Tiu

    Finally Xavier and Ajitha has “BOUGHT IN” few foreign media like AL-Jazeera and others to Noamundi Public Hearing today in their efforts to keep Noamundi and Jharkhand tribals UNDERDEVELOPED. If they would have utlised this money used for Foreign Media BUYING in tribal development, then it could have set-up 100 Deep Bore weels OR Educated 500 Tribal Children OR BUILT 20 TRIBAL SCHOOLS OR Empowered 50 WOMEN TRIBAL SHGs.

    “””This is what some of our so called Tribal Protector Indian Friends Do to protect our Tribal Interests”””

  27. Asit

    i f you really care about the tribals leave them alone dont snatch away thier land forest water culture dignity and livelyhood tatas role in jharkhand has only increased the jharkhandi adivasi women working as maid servants in delhi this what tata and other companies done to jharkhand

  28. Gopal Tiu

    Today in Noamundi we the local tribals opted for development instead of protest and agitation. The Public Hearing of Tisco Noamundi successfully and peacefully got concluded today with support from our people and our Mankis, Mundas and Mukhias..

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