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Faking Happiness Animations- Kamayani Bali Mahabal

Dear all

If you like the films below, please write in comment the name of film or films you like for a vote

Faking Happiness -expose for film makers

Faking Happiness- Vedanta- The Avataar of India

Faking Happiness- Coke Umeedon wali dhoop

Faking Happiness- Tata Steel and Bachendri Pal

Faking Happiness- Tata Steel and Tejaswini Project

Tata Steel threatens Violence in Noamundi , Jharkhand

Faking Happiness- Operation Green Hunt


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Comments (4)

  1. lakshmi priya

    great effort by all!!!

  2. Ashutosh

    Same thing i have to share regarding satyamevjayete and its faking impression

  3. Rajeev RS

    Horrible things done to cruel…

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